Detail from a 1952 Zenith Hearing Aid ad by totallymystified on Flickr.
Keno Motel by Shakes The Clown on Flickr.
pulp-somethings-got-to-give by excitingsounds on Flickr.
Boone County Hospital, Columbia, Missouri by SwellMap on Flickr.
Cesar Romero Joker 1966 Batman 0774 by Brechtbug on Flickr.
Chinese Magic Carpets! by Miranda918 on Flickr.
Chadwick Motel, Middletown, New York by SwellMap on Flickr.
Fleer’s Dubble Bubble Gum ad, 1960s by bayswater97 on Flickr.
"Miss Stock Grower", Connie Blake, Nebraska Stock Growers Association, The Beef State, Bassett, Nebraska by SwellMap on Flickr.
page from 1938 fashion catalogue by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse on Flickr.